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Lessons I Learned from Developing an IoT Project from Scratch

I am working on an Internet Of Things (IoT) project. I work with medical IoT devices in my project. Photo by Zan on Unsplash These are the lessons I learned from this project: Networking : You must know how the network works. You must have a good knowledge of network protocols such as TCP and UDP. If you will work with IoT devices that have multiple network interfaces, you must know about CIDR. Some IoT devices use different technologies such as Bluetooth and Serial port (COM) for data transmitting. Also, there are IoT specific network technologies such as LPWAN. Data Structures : IoT devices use different data structures. They tend to compress data and send/receive small data because of limited resources. Some old devices which are converted to IoT use weird ways to process data. So you must be aware of endianness, signed and unsigned numbers and encodings. IoT devices can produce large data. Design your system to save and process big data. Parallel Processing : Asynchronous programmi